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18th Nov 2015

Turkey boss slams his own fans for disrespecting silence for Paris victims (Video)

He makes his feelings very clear...


“If this happened to us, we would be devastated.”

Amongst all the emotion at Wembley and drama in Hanover on Tuesday evening, one unfortunate footnote of the night was Turkish fans seemingly jeering the minute silence before their friendly with Greece.

Some have argued that Turkish fans were shouting messages of support, and that they don’t have a tradition of silent remembrance in the country, as detailed by 101GreatGoals.

Turkey v Greece - International Friendly : News Photo

But Turkey manager Fatih Terim was not impressed, both by the breaking of the silence, or the fans whistling during Greece’s national anthem.

He implored:

“We shouldn’t portray ourselves like this. When our fans act like that, we will have a hard time explaining ourselves to the rest of the world.

“Why can’t we show just a minute of respect?

“We are better than this. If this would have been done to us, we would be really upset. If we don’t act like we did today, we can prevent sports from being sacrificed to terrorism.”

You can see Terim’s full comments below, but be sure to switch on the English subtitles.