This hilarious anecdote sums up Alexis Sánchez perfectly 1 year ago

This hilarious anecdote sums up Alexis Sánchez perfectly

Run, Alexis, run!

Alexis Sánchez is a footballer who simply loves to run. He will often pursue the ball like a pit bull whose toy has been snatched away. At Arsenal he used to do press-ups while the manager was talking to the squad. Like a hyperactive child, he has bundles of energy.

We should therefore not be surprised by the anecdote told in the in the cover story of latest issue of Inside United magazine, written by Sheridan Bird. The article features reflections of Italian journalist Pietro Oleotto who followed Sánchez's progress during his time at Udinese.

Oleotto remembers a time when the Chilean forward found himself in a pickle when he locked himself out of his car:

"Once, after training, Alexis drove into Udine to do some shopping. But he accidentally locked his keys and mobile phone in his car.

I'm not sure what most people would have done, but he just ran home. He jogged the 8km from the heart of the city to his house in the hills. Bemused locals saw him in his club tracksuit running and called us at the paper. It was typical of Alexis to turn the situation into an improvised cross-country run.”

This story teaches us all a lesson: if you accidentally lock yourself our of your car and don't have your phone on you, turn a bad situation into a good one by using the opportunity to go for a long distance run.

But then again, very few people have the fitness levels of Alexis Sánchez.