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22nd Aug 2015

This has to be the strangest gift Sepp Blatter has ever received (Picture)

Gratefully ac-Sepp-ted...


You won’t fit that in a brown envelope.

Sepp Blatter in is the final months as President of Fifa. The 79-year-old has promised to step aside early next year, and will leave behind a lavish expense account, five-star hotels, fancy restaurants and regularly meetings with the great and the good of world politics.

But Sepp shouldn’t worry, as he now has a cow to keep him company during his retirement.

The Head of world football’s governing body hosted his annual charity tournament this weekend in Ulrichen, his hometown in Switzerland, and was naturally presented with a cow called Colombo…


In Sepp’s long career as a dark lord of the sith football administrator, we doubt he’s ever received a gift like it.