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17th Sep 2016

The Sky Sports results reader’s bizarre description of a drone had everyone cracking up

Why couldn't he just say 'drone'?

Simon Lloyd

What happened at Valley Parade on Saturday afternoon – more specifically, the skies above Valley Parade – was an English footballing first.

Bristol Rovers’ match with Bradford City was temporarily suspended during the second half, when the referee spotted a drone hovering above the stadium. Fearing for the safety of the players, he decided it was best to take both sides off the field of play for an unexpected drinks break.

Eventually, the drone disappeared and the match continued – but the pause in play meant that the reader of Sky’s classified football results wasn’t able to give the final score from West Yorkshire when it came to reading out the full-times from League One.

With the two sides sharing a couple of goals in the game since the interruption, the reader explained that the 1-1 score was only a latest result. Nothing strange with that – latest results are a weekly occurrence on the classified football results.

However, then he elaborates on the exact cause of the delayed result, stating that it was down to a ‘mischievous aviation device’.

Footage of the bizarre incident can be seen here.

If you have your own mischievous aviation devices, it’s probably best that you try and avoid flying them over football stadiums on match days.

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