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06th Jul 2017

Swansea’s take on *those* creative player unveilings is actually not that bad

It can be done

Darragh Murphy

This transfer window will be remembered as the one in which clubs jumped the shark with “clever” player announcements.

This week alone we saw the sport of football ruined by Aston Villa’s confirmation that they’d signed John Terry on a one-year deal from Chelsea and witnessed a young man’s soul escape his body after taking part in a cringeworthy effort from Stoke City.

But, in a shocking turn of events, it’s just been proven that announcements of signings can actually be done in a creative way without making supporters want to delete the Twitter app from their phones and chuck the device into the nearest body of water just to be safe.

Take a bow, Swansea City, because you’ve nailed it.

On Thursday morning, the Swans confirmed that they’d signed Roque Mesa from Las Palmas and they did so in acceptable fashion.

The Welsh side produced a video of Swansea veteran Angel Rangel giving Mesa an English lesson and it is through a series of translations from his native Spanish that the midfielder’s identity is revealed.

Brought on board to bring some fluidity to the passing of Swansea’s midfield, Mesa comes as an exciting addition to Paul Clement’s side.

And, having seen other clubs fail to impress their fans with player announcements earlier this week, Swans supporters were relieved to see their club pull it off… Just about.