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05th Jul 2017

Stoke’s announcement of new signing is worse than Aston Villa’s John Terry effort

The young lad looks overjoyed

Darragh Murphy

Joshua Tymon is officially a Stoke City player.

Now, while we wait for you Potters supporters to calm down, let’s just relive the way that the young defender’s arrival was confirmed.

Apparently, you can’t just tweet a picture of player holding a jersey alongside a manager with a link to some quotes about how thrilled he is to join the club anymore.

Everybody has to be clever and innovative when it comes to announcements but where the hell do we draw the line?

Stoke took a page out of Aston Villa’s book on Wednesday, when they revealed that Tymon had officially become the latest member of Mark Hughes’ squad.

But we somehow don’t think it was the 18-year-old’s idea to make the news official in this way.

A tweet appeared on Stoke’s Twitter feed which simply read: “SIGN SOMEONE STOKE!!!”

Shortly thereafter a video popped up which showed Tymon compiling the tweet, posting the tweet and swivelling around on an office chair to deliver the most half-hearted thumbs-up that you’re ever going to see.

This is not the face of a man who looks particularly excited about the adventure ahead.

That’s the face of a man who has just been ordered by a social media manager to do what he’s told.

Stoke fans are undoubtedly happy to have Tymon on board but they’re less thrilled about the manner in which it was confirmed.