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06th Apr 2017

Story gets the perfect ending as Marc Bartra finally meets female fan he was searching for

The trilogy is complete

Darragh Murphy

Marc Bartra is a man of his word.

This story comes in three parts but its moral is that Bartra is a stand-up guy as he stayed true to the promise he made last weekend.

The Borussia Dortmund defender was taken aback by the determination of one female fan to sport her team’s colours when a magnificent photograph went viral.

It showed the supporter, in the famous yellow jersey, sat in a sea of blue when Schalke hosted Dortmund on Saturday.

Part one came with Bartra tweeting the below, as the former Barcelona man asked for help in his search for the brave and loyal fan so that he could reward her with his match jersey.

Over 8,000 retweets later and he had found his woman.

On Monday, part two of the story arrived as Bartra revealed that he had managed to track down the fan and her Schalke-supporting husband.

And just a few days later, they finally met face-to-face.

The wonderful trilogy found a lovely ending at Dortmund’s training ground on Thursday when the Spaniard followed through on his promise.

After posing for pictures with Steffi, he handed over a signed jersey as promised.

He’s definitely one of football’s good guys!