Premier League matches and other events could be open only to double jabbed 1 year ago

Premier League matches and other events could be open only to double jabbed

Premier League matches to be for vaccinated only

Per new Government plans, large sporting events such as Premier League games could require proof of vaccination before entering.


The Euros was a monumental moment in English history, and though Gareth Southgate et al were not able to bring it home, the Three Lions did everyone in England proud.

However, as tens of thousands packed into Wembley on multiple occasions, many called into question why the risk of Covid was virtually ignored by Government and UEFA officials.

Covid cases undeniably rose as a result, and now the Government could be seeking to rectify this issue for future sporting matches. This comes a week after it was announced that Covid passports would be mandatory to enter club venues.


The rule could also be used for lower divisions of the English Football League (EFL) and other sports and seated events with a capacity of more than 20,000 people. For unseated events, such as concerts, the threshold could be as low as 5,000 attendees.

A Government source told Sky News:


"It's important that fans can continue to watch sporting events over the autumn, which is why we're exploring the role vaccines might play in this.

"This will not only allow full capacity stadiums but has the added bonus of incentivising people of all ages to go and get their jab."

Shadow sports secretary Jo Stevens said:

"To insist on vaccine passports less than a month before the start of the season will cause major disruptions, especially for clubs at the lower end of the pyramid.


"Labour has been clear that the use of Covid vaccination status alone will exclude those who can't be vaccinated or haven't had the jab because of delays.

"Being double jabbed doesn't prove you aren't carrying the virus."

"Testing for access to venues would be more efficient."


People online are understandably angry, considering none of these rules were in place during the largest sporting event of the year.

"Having to be double vaccinated to attend large events such as Premier League matches makes ZERO sense. The double jabbed still catch & transmit it..." wrote one angry football fan on Twitter.

Another said: "Government 'must be fully vaccinated to fly and enter nightclubs', Premier league 'must be fully vaccinated to enter stadiums', tell me that the Premier League aren't in regular contact with the government. I know it's about vaccinations but it's there in front of your eyes."