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15th Oct 2023

Premier League footballer ‘hosted secret sex party and forced models to sign legal gagging orders’

Steve Hopkins

‘It got so busy with girls coming and going that we had to wait in the garage area until others had left the rooms’

A Premier League star reportedly hosted a sex party at a London hotel and made participants sign Non Disclosure Agreements so they couldn’t talk about it.

The Sun reported that the top-tier player – who it did not name – had the female guests arrive at the back of a five-star venue where they were met and advised on the next steps by his staff.

At the door, the women were told to hand over their phones and advised they had to sign a legal gagging order – an NDA.

The outlet showed footage, purportedly from the back of the venue, which showed bottles and stock piled up. The women were said to have walked though what appeared to be a storeroom before taking lifts up to suites at the hotel, which was also not named.

Invites for the event were said to have said it was for people “up for a wild party.”

One girl who had been at the party told the Sun: “It got so busy with girls coming and going that we had to wait in the garage area until others had left the rooms. It was wild.”

She said there were several Premier League football players in the rooms with the girls, “and some were in bed together.”

The woman, who was not named, said she had heard a young woman working at the hotel was caught with a player and got “into trouble with her bosses.”

There is no suggestion anything non-consensual happened at the footballer’s party, which happened in May last year.

NDAs are hugely controversial and have come under heavy criticism in the past decade as they’ve been used to cover up, and prevent, damaging information from being made public.

Footage of an organiser talking before the phones were takin shows them laying the ground rules.

They are hearing saying: “So guys, really easy. This is the back.

“Here we can arrive and park and the driver can drop us off. Over here, there will be security.

“This is the entrance for the girls and everyone. The security will accept and here, inside, we will do NDA and phones . . . and here we’re going to go to the party and the rooms.’

Read The Sun story here.

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