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26th Sep 2018

Paul Pogba and José Mourinho have reportedly made up after training ground incident

Footage emerged this morning of a disagreement between Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho on the training pitch, but it has since been resolved

Reuben Pinder

Settle down everyone

This morning, footage emerged on Twitter of an apparent disagreement between Paul Pogba and José Mourinho. The Manchester United manager appeared to tell Pogba to “get out” of the session – the argument was apparently sparked by controversy over the content of Paul Pogba’s Instagram story from last night. It contained a video of Pogba laughing and joking with Luke Shaw and Andreas Periera, both of whom were not involved in United’s EFL Cup match against Derby.

The video reportedly angered Mourinho, as it looked as though it was Pogba’s reaction to United’s loss against a Championship side.

However, according to Jamie Jackson, the situation has now been resolved after it emerged that wifi issues had caused the video to be uploaded an hour later than intended, which caused the confusion.

While this issue may have been resolved, there is still tension between the pair. Mourinho recently stripped Pogba of the vice-captaincy after comments the Frenchman made about his tactics, calling on United to ‘attack, attack, attack’, as the famous chant goes.

This is just one battle in a long war, in which there can only be one winner.