"Paul, get out!" - Extended footage emerges of the Pogba/Mourinho exchange 1 year ago

"Paul, get out!" - Extended footage emerges of the Pogba/Mourinho exchange

Paul Pogba cut a frustrated figure at Manchester United training on Wednesday.

Pogba was left out of the matchday squad for United's Carabao Cup defeat to Derby County on Tuesday night amid reports that his relationship with manager Jose Mourinho had hit rock bottom.

Prior to the game at Old Trafford, Mourinho told Sky Sports that Pogba would no longer be the club's vice-captain and refused to explain the decision.

Mourinho insisted that there was "no fallout at all, no problem at all, just a decision that I don't have to explain."

On Wednesday morning, Sky Sports released a 30-second clip which documented a tense exchange between Mourinho and the French midfielder.

New footage has since emerged which shows that the back-and-forth went on for much longer than 30 seconds.

At the 0:29 second of the below clip, Mourinho can be heard saying "Paul, get out!" and the 25-year-old reacted exasperatedly.

It's unknown what sparked the argument but Pogba was visibly unhappy at what he was being told by his manager, with some fans suggesting that he also said "Get Paul home!" at the one-minute mark.

A coach was called by Mourinho to help out with the situation before the pair went their separate ways.

Mourinho has made a habit of losing the dressing room in his third season at clubs and his power struggle with the club's record signing is becoming more and more difficult to deny.