Player Ratings as Liverpool book their place in the Champions League final 3 years ago

Player Ratings as Liverpool book their place in the Champions League final

Liverpool are through to the Champions League final

Jurgen Klopp's side lost 4-2 to Roma on the night, but advanced to the final against Real Madrid with a 7-6 aggregate victory.


Here's how we rated the players.


Loris Karius - 5.5

Made a decent save late on, but was poor for Roma's second goal, pushing the ball directly into the path of Dzeko, and strangely didn't dive for Roma's third.

Trent Alexander-Arnold - 5

The young full-back had a tough night. Roma directed a lot of their attacks down Alexander-Arnold's side and tried to exploit the inexperienced player, with Dzeko often coming across to put pressure on him. He was caught-out for both of Roma's goals, failing to deal with a cross for the first goal and mistimed an interception for the second. He has played well throughout the European campaign this season and will learn from this difficult game.


Dejan Lovren - 5.5

He aged the entire Liverpool fanbase by 10-years with his nervous, shaky performance. Lovren was second to almost every ball and struggled to cope with the physicality of Dzeko. Cristiano Ronaldo is up next in the final. *Gulp*

Virgil van Dijk - 8

Excellent performance, particularly in the opening few minutes when Liverpool were under pressure. Van Dijk was a calm, commanding presence, winning headers, making clearances and generally frustrating Roma's attack by mopping up play. The Dutch defender led from the back and was an invaluable presence on the night. A tricky night in Rome might have turned into a collapse if it wasn't for Van Dijk.

Andrew Robertson - 7


His brilliant forward surge indirectly led to Liverpool's second goal. Klopp's team were under pressure and couldn't really get out of their half for a spell. Robertson charged forward, committed Roma's defenders and his cross almost led to Mane getting his second goal. From the resulting corner, Wijnaldum scored.

Jordan Henderson - 6

Ran around a lot, made a couple of tackles, but misplaced quite a few passes and was arguably caught out for Roma's second goal.

Henderson was unsure whether to put pressure on the player in possession or retreat, did neither and Roma's shot led directly to a goal


James Milner - 7

Milner worked extremely hard, was neat in possession and read the game well. He has quietly become Liverpool's most important midfielder.

Georginio Wijnaldum - 7


Worked hard and took his goal well.

Mohamed Salah - 6.5

He had a quiet night by his own ridiculous standards, which he is allowed considering he has been absolutely brilliant all season. Salah still tried to link-up with Firmino and Mane, but often found himself surrounded by three Roma players when in possession and was frequently caught offside.

Sadio Mane - 8

He took his goal very well and was a constant threat on the counter-attack.

Roberto Firmino - 7

He set up Mane's goal and was in neat in possession when Liverpool were on the counter. Like the rest of his team, Firmino lacked the spark from the first-leg, but he did enough to get them over the line.


Ragnar Klavan - 5.5

Gave away a late penalty.

Nathaniel Clyne & Dominic Solanke

Neither were on long enough to be rated.