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12th Apr 2017

Pizza Hut destroys cheeky Anthony Martial fan for perpetuating juvenile social media trend

Burns worse than molten mozzarella

Ben Kiely

Maybe it’s a generational thing.

It could be that this writer is a grumpy, old, haggard, troglodytic tautology-enthusiast, but this trend of footballer fan accounts on Twitter seems a bit bizarre.

There’s something just so unsettling about somebody dedicating their day to tweeting out quotes, photos and videos of one sports star in particular. Back in the good ol’ days, they would have sent you away for that sort of stalkerish behaviour.

Unless you’re a young’in expressing your appreciation for your sporting hero. That’s perfectly acceptable behaviour.

The sudden realisation that this Anthony Martial fan account is probably being run by a youngster makes this old man feel like a right ass clown. Bear with us though, this tale has a happy ending.

But at least we’re not as cruel as Pizza Hut UK, who saved a snarky reply to the Anthony Martial fan just trying to earn himself a crust… and the rest of the slice.

Of course, this was always going to spark a response. Unfortunately, the comeback left the door wide open for an incredible burn.

Credit where it’s due, this was pretty damn solid.

And we can enjoy it guilt-free too, because so did the victim of the burn.

All in jest.