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26th Nov 2017

Piers Morgan tells Real Madrid footballer to ‘stay out of’ a truly bonkers Twitter exchange

"Even 'Kolo Toure' got involved"

Paul Moore


On Friday evening, the Metropolitan Police responded to reports of an incident at Oxford Circus station after “a number of reports of shots fired on Oxford Street and underground at Oxford Circus tube station.”

As we know, the police did not locate “evidence of shots fired or casualties” during this operation, however, prior to the police arriving and doing their work, singer Olly Murs posted the following messages on Twitter.

Again, no shots were fired and given the fact that Murs has nearly 8million followers on Twitter, Piers Morgan asked him to be more responsible with his tweets.

Murs responded with the following message:

“Listen Piers! I was shopping and then all of sudden the whole place went mad, I mean crazy people running & screaming towards exits. We found a small office to hide to which loads of staff and people were saying there was shots fired. If you was there you’d have understood mate.”

From here on out, the story takes a rather bizarre turn on twitter as Toni Kroos, James Blunt and Kolo Toure (although it’s not the legitimate of the former Arsenal, Liverpool Man City defender) get involved.

Here’s what James Blunt had to say about Morgan chastising Murs:

As you can see, the Real Madrid and Germany midfielder gave Blunt’s tweet a favourite/like.

Ok, things are about to get a lot stranger as Toni Kroos, a Kolo Toure parody account, James Blunt and Piers Morgan engage in a conversation that was originally about Olly Murs.

It appears the penny has finally dropped for Morgan as he realises that ‘Toure’s’ account is, in fact, a fake one.

This being said, this fake account does have some pretty high profile followers like Vincent Kompany, Marouane Fellaini and Benjamin Mendy – so you could see where any confusion came from.

After all that, Morgan seems like he’s very happy to put the issue to bed….unless James Blunt and Toni Kroos decide to escalate things.

Ladies and gentlemen, Twitter in 2017 is a wonderful place.