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06th Oct 2015

Piers Morgan is getting very upset that Jurgen Klopp might actually become the new Liverpool boss

We're loving every minute of it...

Ben Kenyon

Piers Morgan is an angry bloke at the best of times.

He’s always moaning on Twitter about Arsenal’s woes and he’s been vociferously leading the Wenger Out brigade for the past seven years. Even when they’re winning.

The one man he would love to sweep into North London like a white knight and lead his beloved Gunners to glory is Jurgen Klopp.

Like, he really wants him.

But now it looks like the idiosyncratic German might actually be about to take the vacant job at Anfield.

More than a year ago he tweeted that if this move happened he would actually set himself on fire.


Well, as the Klopp deal appears to edge closer and closer, we can just imagine Morgan getting more and more irate. And he is…

There will be some serious cat-kicking tantrums in the Morgan household if it goes ahead.