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04th Apr 2017

People are finding it hard to believe Brendan Rodgers’ story about his meeting with a grateful Rangers fan

Of course we believe you, Brendan

Simon Lloyd

Having helped to significantly widen the gap between Celtic and every other football club in the country, Brendan Rodgers is exactly what Scottish football needed.

But wait, don’t just take take this from us, take it from the Rangers fan that told the former Liverpool boss he’d been “a breath of fresh air” when he spotted him stuck in a traffic jam.

According to Brendan himself (quoted in the Scotsman), a supporter of Celtic’s fiercest rivals clocked him in his car in Glasgow’s Clyde Tunnel. Having been in the car in front, he made his way towards Rodgers’ vehicle and opened the door.

Braced for a volley of abuse, Rodgers was surprised by what the man actually had to say…

“He said: ‘I just wanted to say thank you for coming up to Scottish football. I’m a Rangers supporter but you are a breath of fresh air up here,’” Rodgers recalled.

Perhaps not surprisingly, some are having difficulty believing that a Rangers supporter would go to the lengths of abandoning his car in a traffic jam with the sole intention of saying nice things to the manager of Celtic.

Obviously, we 100% believe the man. We wouldn’t bank on too many other Rangers fans being so grateful, however…

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