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30th Jun 2017

Paul Pogba has announced his retirement from Dabbing… and revealed its replacement

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Simon Lloyd

The Dab is dead. Long live the Dab.

Or at least, that’s how Paul Pogba sees it.

The Manchester United and France midfielder has explained in a recent interview with Esquire that his Dabbing days are done and dusted.

Asked to explain what a Dab was by Tim Lewis, Pogba said: “First of all, it started in America with Migos. I started doing it, because I liked the music, I liked the dance, and people loved it because they can do nice videos.”

Then, he dropped the bombshell…

“But Dab is Dab, now it’s gone. I think I’ve done the last Dab of the season. Now it’s the Billy dance.”

‘And what’s the bloody hell is the Billy dance’, we hear middle-aged dads up and down the country asking in unison. Well, allow Pogba to explain.

“You saw it last night [Pogba had helped United to beat Ajax the previous night]. The Billy dance is created by my friend Billax. I call him my brother, he’s a football coach now. He’s one of the people I grew up with. I played with them when I was a kid and they are still my best friends. So that’s the dance we have. And I will make sure that everyone does it. I’ll make sure that it goes on Fifa 18!”

As you come to terms with these extremely important developments, it’s worth pointing out that talk of Pogba Dabbing his last Dab might not be strictly true. As the quote above makes clear, he claimed that his days of Dabbing were done the day after United’s Europa League final victory in Stockholm. In the time since, we’ve shown you how Pogba Dabbed as he scored a goal in a charity game in Colombia.

This point considered, perhaps there’s still life in the Dab yet.

Believe us when we say we look forward to writing many more reports on Dabs next season. Honest.