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11th Jan 2016

Paris Saint-Germain issue legal notice to British rapper M.I.A.

Why bother?

Gareth Makim

Another example of legal action only drawing more attention to the issue.

Paris Saint-Germain have managed to drag themselves into a legal row with rapper M.I.A. after she altered one of the club’s jerseys to wear in a music video.

In the English artist’s video for Borders, a song focused on the ongoing refugee crisis, she is seen wearing a PSG shirt with the sponsor changed from Fly Emirates to Fly Pirates.

M.I.A. tweeted out an image of a legal letter received by her record company, Universal Music, last month, which demands the end of any broadcasting of images or videos containing the jersey.

“We consider that the use of our brand and image in a video clip denouncing the treatment of refugees is a source of discredit to our club and distorts its public communication policy,” the club said.

“By causing us an image prejudice you have unduly taken advantage from the considerable reputation of our club.”

To demonstrate how seriously she is clearly taking the request, M.I.A then tweeted out a picture of herself in the jersey, and she has received plenty of support from Twitter followers.

Here is the video in full: