Nigel Benn has responded to Chris Eubank's very public advice for his son 3 years ago

Nigel Benn has responded to Chris Eubank's very public advice for his son

Talk about a family feud.

27 years since have passed since Chris Eubank shared the ring with Nigel Benn for the first time but the rivalry between the two former WBO middleweight champions continues to make headlines.


Eubank stopped Benn when they first met, in November 1990, before the pair fought to a split draw three years later.

As recently as February, Eubank suggested he was coming out of retirement for one last fight and fans were in little doubt about who they wanted to see the 51-year-old matched up with.

The sons of both men have now developed into accomplished pros in their own rights, with Chris Eubank Jr. currently the proud owner of the IBO super-middleweight title and Conor Benn holding a perfect professional record of 11-0.

While Eubank continues to play a pivotal role in his son's career, always cornering 'Next Gen', the same can't be said for Nigel Benn, who takes something of a back seat for Conor's fights.


However, following Benn's most recent victory, a hard-fought points win over Cedrick Peynaud just last week, Eubank Sr. recommended that the youngster rely on his dad's expertise more often if he is to avoid sustaining the kind of damage he did in his fight with France's Peynaud.

While the advice from the 51-year-old was not bad in that he was advising Benn to be more cautious in future contests, the public manner with which it was delivered did not sit well with 'The Destroyer'.

"This ain't necessary mate," Conor Benn responded. "Why don't you DM me? Instead of talking rubbish in the public again like u did before when I had put you in you place. You wanna chat DM me."


And now Nigel Benn has had his say on his fiercest rival's message, suggesting that he was happy to see his boy come through a firefight with a better sense of what he was capable of.