Chris Eubank claims he's coming out of retirement for one last bout 4 years ago

Chris Eubank claims he's coming out of retirement for one last bout

Chris Eubank says a lot of things.

A lot of things!


It might be worth taking the words of the former WBO middleweight and super-middleweight champion with a pinch of salt but it would certainly seem like Eubank is gearing up for a comeback.

At 50 years old, Eubank has been inspired by the progress of his son, Chris Eubank Jr., and wants to lace his gloves up one last time.

The most recent public sightings of Eubank have come in the corner of his son, in the jungle for I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! and in a bizarre sleeveless get-up on BT Sport.

But, having been present throughout Junior's meteoric rise, Eubank is eager to test himself in the squared circle once more.

The 45-5-2 veteran sent out the below tweet on Friday morning, insisting that a return is on the cards.


And with the apparent announcement that Eubank's retirement is set to come to an end, fight fans only want to see round three of Eubank's rivalry with rival Nigel Benn, who has continued to campaign for the realisation of a grudge match.

Eubank knocked Benn out in 1990 before the pair fought to a draw three years later.

Eubank Jr. and Benn's son, Conor, have picked up where their fathers left off and have recently engaged in a war of words through the press.


It's a family feud the likes of which are seldom seen in boxing and fans are eager to witness Eubank vs. Benn III, judging by the replies to this morning's tweet.