Neymar may have made up for handshake snub with classy jersey gesture 8 months ago

Neymar may have made up for handshake snub with classy jersey gesture

Neymar pissed a lot of people off on Tuesday night.

The Brazilian scored in Paris Saint-Germain's 5-0 rout against Celtic in the Champions League, proving that when an oil-rich state showers top footballers with millions and millions of pounds, you'll end up with a pretty good team.

Celtic fans, other than the one supporter who ran on the pitch to kick Kylian Mbappe, can't have any complaints about the result.

But, immediately following the final whistle, Neymar managed to piss off almost everyone in the stadium and many of those watching at home.

The forward, signed from Barcelona for £198m in the summer transfer window, refused to shake the hand of an opposition player.

Anthony Ralston, an 18-year-old defender making his debut for Celtic, approached Neymar and offered to shake hands, as is customary following football matches at all levels.

However, Neymar refused and appeared to laugh at his opponent. His reaction didn't go down well.


People weren't happy with Neymar, but it seems like Ralston couldn't care less, saying after the game:

"If that is the case, and that is the way he wants to be, then fine. I don’t care. Everybody is different, so I won't lose any sleep over it. It wasn't a big deal. I won't dwell on that too much."

However, Neymar might have gone some way to making up for snubbing the handshake, or at least proved that he's not a complete twat.

The Brazilian donated his match jersey to the breast cancer foundation of Kenny Dalglish's wife.