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14th Oct 2021

Newcastle social media accounts see huge follower surge after Saudi-backed takeover

Callum Boyle

They’re becoming bigger and bigger by the day

Newcastle United’s takeover has seen them establish themselves as the richest club in world football and just a week into their new ownership under the Saudi Public Investment Fund, there are already signs that the Magpies are on the way to becoming one of the biggest names in football.

With a war chest of transfer funds set to become available sooner rather than later, the news has also benefitted the North East club from a social perspective. The takeover has sparked talk all around the world and people are intrigued to see just what happens.

As seen below, on the day the takeover had been announced, this is what Newcastle’s Instagram and Twitter accounts looked like in terms of followers.

On Twitter, an-already healthy number of 1.7 million follow to get the latest on the club, whereas on the Instagram, a respectable total of 724,ooo followers.

But one week into the PIF’s reign it seems their presence has had the desired effect. 52,000 supporters will see the first game of their new ownership against Tottenham Hotspur at St James’ Park on Sunday, but in terms of followings on social media, it has risen by a enormous two million on Twitter.

Couple that with an extra 200,000 followers on Instagram, the road to making Newcastle a world-wide name is in full throttle.

The increase in social profile may also correlate with some of the allegations against Newcastle. Despite overwhelming support from the club’s fanbase, supporters of others haven’t been, as well as several human rights organisations such as Amnesty international.

It’ll be interesting to see just how high this number rises the more successful Newcastle become.

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