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24th Mar 2016

Nate Diaz has made some strong claims about Conor McGregor’s UFC pedigree

McGregor will have something to say about this...

Patrick McCarry

For Nate Diaz, a UFC fight is a fight for your life.

The Stockton native won the biggest fight, and pay-day, of his life when he took a major chunk out of Conor McGregor’s veneer at UFC 196.

Diaz insists he bears McGregor no ill will, but he has serious doubts about those in the sport talking The Notorious up.

In an interview with Fox Sports Live, Diaz claimed McGregor’s game would have been found out a while ago had the UFC opted to pair him up with more top 10 fighters.

“I never hated him,” Diaz said. “I never hated anyone I fight. It’s all good with Conor.” He added:

“Sometimes people pick and choose, but I never picked and chose. I fought everybody, all the time.

“I’ve been fighting top 10, top five guys since my third or fourth fight in the UFC. That’s what I was trying to say [before UFC 196].

“People were saying ‘There’s no way Nate beats Conor’ and I was like, ‘Why? You’re riding a bandwagon motherf**ker.’

“If he had been through a quarter of the people I’ve had, he’d have been done weeded out already.”

There was no question, to Diaz, about a possible UFC 200 rematch with McGregor. Check out the full interview here: