MMA fighter tearing it up at the World Series of Poker 7 years ago

MMA fighter tearing it up at the World Series of Poker

Terrence Chan is a MMAn of MMAny talents, or a polyMMAth, if you will.

The mixed martial artist, who has a record of four wins from four fights across the Legend Fighting Championship and Battlefield Fight League, has been tearing things up at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.


Chan, 34, made time in between tournaments to take on former world poker champion Huckleberry Seed in an impromptu wrestling match, with $50,000 at stake for the winner. The pair were stopped mid-fight, but are rumoured to be returning for round two.


Chan had a spell as a poker pro before, in his own words, deciding he "now prefers being punched and choked for fun".

Those blows to the head from his MMA career have not harmed his game by the looks of things, as he made the final table of the Limit Texas Hold'Em world championships, earning him a cool $27,000 (£17,000).

He is not the only sportsman to flourish in Vegas this year. German international footballer Max Kruse has also been in action, winning $23,500 in a separate tournament.

Chan will be looking to score a different kind of knockout in July's Main Event, where the top nine finishers will win at least $1m each.