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18th Oct 2016

Michael Bisping absolutely roasts his son for not cornering him in his first UFC title defence

Keeping up with the Bispings

Darragh Murphy

Michael Bisping and Ariel Helwani joked about the concept on Monday afternoon and we’d like to wholeheartedly offer our backing to a reality show centred around the Bisping family.

Lucas Bisping, the youngest son of the UFC middleweight champion, has got star power written all over him after hilariously picking against his father in all of his most recent fights.

And the dynamic between ‘The Count’ and his eldest, Callum, would certainly make for must-see television too.

We’ve quite literally seen Callum Bisping grow up inside the Octagon, going from celebrating with Michael in his earliest UFC fights to cornering him last year.

And the youngster, who’s quite the capable martial artist himself, had the opportunity to corner his father yet again in his most recent fight but a scheduling issue, and hormones, got in the way.

‘The Count’ took to the MMA Hour this week to embarrass his son for choosing the affections of a young lady over the offer of an unforgettable chance to be a part of Bisping’s first title defence against Dan Henderson at UFC 204.

“With Callum I kind of felt bad,” Bisping said. “He’s my number one fan, my fifteen-year-old son, and he’s cornered me for Thales Leites.

“I didn’t have a fourth cornerman (at UFC 204). I had guys that could have done it but they’re all there with wives and my brothers were with people. I thought ‘You know what? I’m going to fly Callum out here last minute and he can be in my corner.’

“So I called my wife up, this is on Thursday, and I said ‘Let’s fly Callum out and he can be in my corner. He’ll love it and he’ll never forget it.’

“She said ‘His homecoming dance is on Saturday’ and he’s had a girl that he’s been flirting with for a while so he blew me off.

“My own son blew me off because he’s a fifteen-year-old man full of testosterone and the little guy ruled the big guy.”

UFC 199: Rockhold v Bisping 2

Teenage crushes are difficult enough to cope with when simply putting up with the embarrassment of being dropped off to school by a parent so just imagine being outed on the most popular MMA show on the internet.

Bisping felt it was an appropriate response to publicly embarrass his son as some form of retribution against Callum for not cornering him in Manchester, proving he’s just as ruthless a father as he is a fighter.

“God bless him, he’s fifteen years old and there’s a girl that he likes,” he continued. “He’s been chasing her for a long, long time so he went to the homecoming dance and that’s it.

“My wife’s just walked in now and she’s doing the signal across her neck going ‘Shut up!’

“He’s going to kill me when he hears this back later but there you go. He didn’t want to be in my corner, I’ll throw you under the bus on the MMA Hour.”

That’s a top, top embarrassment job from Bisping. Great stuff.