Mark Lawrenson has apologised to Huddersfield Town 2 years ago

Mark Lawrenson has apologised to Huddersfield Town

Against all odds, Huddersfield Town are safe.

You'd struggle to think of a more daunting run-in than Huddersfield's, as they were tasked with clashes against Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal and few gave them a chance to get the points necessary to stave off relegation.

But consecutive draws against the two most recent Premier League champions were enough to keep the Terriers in the division.

"I can’t believe that we survived in this Premier League season, whatever happens happens but now we will celebrate tonight and tomorrow for sure," manager David Wagner said after Wednesday's 1-1 draw with Chelsea.

Huddersfield's players decided to cancel their flight home in order to extend their celebrations on the four-hour coach journey home.

It was a truly remarkable achievement from Wagner's side and several pundits have been left eating their words after giving Huddersfield no chance of survival.

One such pundit is Mark Lawrenson, whose Premier League predictions have gone viral in recent days for his anticipation of two undefeated seasons for Liverpool.

Lawrenson expected to see Huddersfield finish bottom of the table in their first season in the Premier League but the club can finish as high 15th depending on results on the final day.

Speaking on Football Focus, Lawrenson has held his hands up and apologised to Huddersfield Town.

"We looked at the last three games and thought that maybe they'd get a point against Arsenal in the last game," he said.

"To go to City and go to Chelsea, I have to apologise because at the start of the season, I had them absolutely, totally rock bottom. So they've done fantastic."