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24th Dec 2018

Mario Balotelli, Samuel Eto’o and Patrick Vieira to star in racism documentary

Balotelli speaks about the horrific racist abuse he has received throughout his career in a documentary which will air on Canal Football on January 6th

Reuben Pinder

The documentary will be called ‘I am not a monkey’

Mario Balotelli will star in a french documentary on racism within football alongside former teammates Samuel Eto’o and Patrick Vieira.

The documentary will be called ‘I am not a monkey’, and will look at each player’s individual experiences of racism during their professional football careers.

The programme will be shown on Canal+ on January 6 and clips have been released in advance.

In the documentary, Balotelli speaks honestly about the racist abuse he has had to endure throughout his career in Italy, England and France.

“I have nothing against monkeys,” he shrugs. “In fact, I can 100 per cent tell you that monkeys are more intelligent than them (racists).”

The documentary ‘Je ne suis pas un singe’ was made by Marc Sauvourel and former Roma midfielder Olivier Dacourt.