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16th Jul 2017

Marcus Rashford has bulked up quite a bit over the summer

In great nick

Darragh Murphy

Marcus Rashford has dedicated himself to putting on muscle.

If there was one criticism of Rashford ever since he burst on to the scene at Old Trafford, it was that he lacked an ability to compete with physical centre-halves in the strength department.

Well the Manchester United forward has clearly acknowledged that deficit and has made moves to bulk up ahead of the 2017/18 season.

Previously slight in frame, Rashford has put his mind to packing on a bit of size and it’s certainly beginning to show.

Manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that the 19-year-old has grown significantly since they first started working with one another last year.

“Rashford is already taller than when I arrived 13 months ago,” Mourinho told the Sun this week.

“He’s three centimetres taller and he put some muscle on.”

Rashford scored a brace during the Red Devils’ first preseason game, a 5-2 victory over LA Galaxy, and a United legend has offered some insight into just how motivated the England international is.

Dwight Yorke and Rashford frequent the same gym and, according to Yorke, the youngster has been putting in time on his own prior to joining up with his teammates for the preseason tour.

“Well I have to say he comes to the same gym as mine and two weeks ago I’ve seen him in the gym and I thought to myself, ‘That’s a bit early to come back for a young man,’” Yorke told MUTV.

“He just showed the desire, he wanted to get ahead of everyone and for me that stood out straight away.

“So coming into this game I could see someone who was determined. He says the second one [goal] was easy but he still had a lot to do, you’ve got to stick that ball in the net.

“What I like about Rashford is that he runs in on goal. The second goal he’s looking to run in so he’s a threat all the time so I think the players around him are good enough to recognise that.

“No doubt he will play a big part in the season going forward.”