Marathon runner criticised for knocking over water in 'Olympic sh*thousery' 3 months ago

Marathon runner criticised for knocking over water in 'Olympic sh*thousery'

There is plenty of debate over whether the act was deliberate or not.

A French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni has been accused of elite levels of shithousery after knocking a whole row of water bottles off a table during the race.


Water stations are set up across the course for runners to stay hydrated during marathons. In the hot and humid climate of Tokyo though, their importance is even greater.

But television footage from the men's marathon at the Tokyo Olympics shows one competitor appearing to stop his competitors from getting some precious water, as he knocked over every single one of an entire row.

Viewers and commentators have been split over whether this was an accident or if Amdouni was trying anything he could to disrupt his opponents' race.

Over a quarter of the men's marathon field were forced to retire from the race as temperatures approached 30 degrees and humidity levels reached over 80 per cent.

The incident happened 28km into the race, which was eventually won by pre-race favourite and distance running legend Eliud Kipchoge.

You can see the controversial incident below.



Some argued that the runner's levels of fatigue at that stage of the race may have explained his water wipe out. Others were not so convinced.

On Australian television, there was debate in the commentary box.


One of the Channel 7 commentators said that they would "let the audience be the judge as to whether that’s been done deliberately."

Former Australian runner Tamsyn Manou said: "I think it is pretty hard to grab those drinks. But it’s not helpful to the athletes behind him."

But one of her fellow commentators pointed out that he "got one in the end."

On Twitter, one person said: "Did I just see one of the runners run his hand up the water station table and knock every bottle off except the last one that he picked up for himself? That's evil considering the heat conditions these runner are in.


Another said: "The French athlete pushing the water off the table. What a dog act"