Manchester United now have as many points as they did after David Moyes' first seven games 3 years ago

Manchester United now have as many points as they did after David Moyes' first seven games

Things are going from bad to worse for Manchester United

When someone says that Manchester United under Jose Mourinho are reaching David Moyes levels of incompetence, there tends to be a backlash from fans and neutrals alike.


Such comments can be described as "hyperbole", with many citing the fact that the Red Devils have actually won trophies and qualified for the Champions League under the Portuguese coach as evidence that things have improved since the Scot departed.

Well, for this weekend at least, things feel like they're at a very Moyesian level indeed.

That is because, after seven league games in this - the 2018/19 season - Jose Mourinho's Manchester United officially have as many points as David Moyes' iteration of the side did after seven games in his sole season at the club.


After seven games, United currently have 10 points and a goal difference of -1. After seven games of the 2013/14 season, United had a goal difference of +1.

Does any of this tit-for-tat comparing truly achieve anything or matter? No, but it gives an indication of how the club is going backward after what many Mourinho advocates had declared as a season of key development last year.

Yes, Manchester United finished in second place by a clear distance last year, but whatever momentum that finish gave them is all but gone now, and Mourinho's clear lack of trust in his players - particularly record signing Paul Pogba - appears to have deepened the problems at the club.

Are the Glazer family and Ed Woodward likely to do away with Mourinho in the same way they did David Moyes? Probably not. Mourinho would be entitled to a significantly higher pay-off than Moyes, but should United find themselves languishing in a similar position (they currently sit eighth) come Christmas, then one can only assume that drastic measures will need to be taken.