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18th Jul 2018

Man Utd fans spotted something very familiar about Juventus’ new third kit

Hard not to spot this

Wayne Farry

Man Utd

Man Utd fans found this easy to spot

Football kits are an interesting thing. Some are ugly, some are absolutely beautiful, as they should be considering the price.

The majority of the kits manufactured for the world’s biggest sides are made by the big hitters in sportswear, such as Nike, Puma and the people responsible for Juventus’ new kit, Adidas.

Adidas were applauded for the stellar work they did on almost all of the national team kits for the World Cup in Russia this summer, and they deserved it. The kits in Russia were things you would actually wear beyond the threshold of your garden, rather than cover with a jumper the second someone knocks on your door.

Unfortunately, when there are so few companies making kits for so many teams, it is understandable and indeed expected that there will be a degree of crossover at some point.

This was something picked up upon by Manchester United fans on Wednesday, when Serie A side Juventus unveiled their new third jersey.

The kit, made entirely from Parley ocean plastic, is dark navy in colour, with a bright luminous green crest, with both the Adidas and Jeep logos in the same colour.

After posting a tweet featuring a video of the new kit, Manchester United fans were quick to jump into the replies, as they are wont to do, and point out that it is unerringly similar to the Premier League side’s new away kit.

That kit, which commemorates the club’s 1968 European Cup triumph, was announced in May and to be fair, the two are pretty similar.