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07th Dec 2016

Lukas Podolski now has more number one singles than Michael Bublé

More than he achieved at Arsenal.

Tom Victor

Football and quality music go hand in hand.

From ‘Gooners and We’re Gunning‘ to ‘Southampton In Europa‘, via whatever this was, we’ve learned that if something exists, there’s a football song about it.

Normally the production values are what we’d describe generously as ‘middling’. But imagine if they had got the financial clout of a club legend like former Arsenal star Lukas Podolski.

Well you don’t need to imagine any more, as Podolski has taken up production duties on a new song about his home city of Cologne, called ‘Liebe Deine Stadt’ (which translates as ‘Love Your City’).

Podolski teams up with Mo-Torres (no relation to Liverpool legend Fernando or lower-league journeyman Sergio, as far as we know) and Cat Ballou on the single, which has improbably reached number one in Germany.

The German Euro 2016 mascot international even gets a line of his own at the end – we don’t want to ruin it for you, so why not give it a listen.

‘Poldi’ can now lay claim to more number one singles than luminaries such as Bob Dylan and Michael Bublé combined.

With the help of Genius and Google Translate, we can provide you with a segment of the lyrics. It sounds better in German, we promise.

‘And frantically, we live here in full speed
Children will be ten-time like Podolski
Yes, almost own planet with its own system
Over a million people suffer with the FC’

But what of the music? We spent ages trying to work out what the Galatasaray man’s efforts remind us of, but we finally cracked it. An iconic track, with impressive production values and a theme of loving one of the world’s most famous cities – it could only be…

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