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24th Sep 2016

Alan McInally makes cringeworthy moment worse with awful Chris Kamara impression

So. Much. Cringe.

Kevin Beirne

If you’re stuck at home on a Saturday afternoon, there are few better ways to keep up with the latest footballing action than Sky Sports News HQ’s Soccer Saturday.

Jeff Stelling and co have been keeping us informed on all the goings on in the various leagues for so long it’s hard to think of a time when we didn’t turn to them for news.

Part of the show’s charm lies in the interactions between the presenters, and Stelling’s magnetic personality allowing even the less outspoken panellists to feel comfortable and at ease.

But it’s not without its mistakes. As is the case on any live TV programme, people will mess up and it’s up to those around them to pick up the slack when they do.

Chris Kamara has developed a devoted cult following on the back of his quirky method of covering the football, and on Saturday one of his colleagues did his best to channel Kammy in an attempt to make an awkward situation as little more bearable. The only problem is that it made everything so much worse.

When Stelling went searching for an update during Stoke’s 1-1 draw with West Brom, he attempted to pass it over to Kamara for the latest news.

The only problem was that it was Alan McInally who was watching the game. While this wasn’t the end of the world, McInally’s reaction pushed it from regular mix-up to a cringeworthy report worthy of The Office.

McInally appears overcome with excitement about the error before calming himself down for long enough to provide an update. We thought that was the end of the awkwardness, but the former Celtic striker then blindsided us with his worst best Chris Kamara impression.

At least that’s what we think it was supposed to be.


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