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23rd Nov 2017

Joseph Parker’s team releases footage of Anthony Joshua being wobbled as negotiations continue

"It’s the worst kept secret in British boxing."

Darragh Murphy

Joseph Parker is really trying to goad Anthony Joshua into signing on the dotted line.

The only thing standing in the way of a unification match-up between ‘AJ’ and Parker is the dispute over the appropriate purse split.

Parker, the WBO heavyweight champion, is claiming that he will accept no less than 35 per cent of the total fight purse but Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, has insisted that there’s no chance of that split going ahead.

“There is a deal there to be done with Joseph Parker, which makes him a lot of money,” Hearn told IFL TV.

“A win gives him a massive eight-digit payday for the next one. If they really think they can knock out Anthony Joshua, they should take the fight.

“It’s not a million miles away, but it’s not happening at 65-35.”

While a deal has yet to be done, the psychological warfare is well underway after Parker’s promotion team, Duco Events, held a press conference on Tuesday night.

Parker’s handler David Higgins made his case for his belief that Joshua’s jaw is not as solid as many might believe.

“Parker has a granite chin whereas Joshua may have a glass jaw,” Higgins said. “Joshua has been dropped numerous times.

“It’s the worst kept secret in British boxing but no one really talks about too much. Perhaps it’s because Hearn and Joshua are quite powerful in the sport. It’s like the emperor’s new clothes.”

And in a move which many fight fans have declared petty, Duco Events then released footage of the Brit being wobbled on several occasions, with a list of opponents who’d rocked Joshua, before making a bizarre offer of £20,000 to anyone who could provide evidence that Parker had ever been close to being dropped.

“Parker is the opposite to Joshua because he has granite chin and has never been dropped ever, as an amateur, a professional or in sparring,” Higgins added.

“He’s has also beaten hard men like Carlos Takam and Andy Ruiz, so our second offer is to Anthony Joshua fans.

“Be the first to send us proof that Joseph Parker has been dropped and we will send you bank cheque for 10,000 British pounds and Joseph will match it with another 10,000

“Our job is to show British fans Joseph Parker is a genuine world champion, that Joshua can’t unify without him.”