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29th Aug 2023

Jorge Vilda set to be sacked as Spain’s Women’s head coach

Callum Boyle

Jorge Vilda

Documentation is reportedly being prepared

Spain’s Women’s World Cup winning head coach Jorge Vilda is reportedly set to be sacked.

The Spanish FA are said to be preparing the documents needed before making an official announcement after Spanish newspaper Diario AS reported that officials had held a meeting with the regional presidents’ committee.

Also discussed in the meeting was the ongoing controversy surrounding Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales is facing increasing calls to resign from his position after he kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the trophy presentation at the Women’s World Cup final and has also been suspended by FIFA for 90 days.

In a press conference on Friday, Rubiales also refused to resign and seemingly appeared to be in support of the disgraced president, after being spotted applauding.

Despite that, Vilda has publicly called out Rubiales and deemed his behaviour as “inappropriate” even though the president offered Vilda a four-year contract during his speech.

Jorge Vilda

“‘I regret deeply that the victory of Spanish women’s football has been harmed by the inappropriate behaviour that our until now top leader, Luis Rubiales, has carried out and that he himself has recognised,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

“There is no doubt that it is unacceptable and does not reflect at all the principles and values that I defend in my life, in sport in general and in football in particular.

“I condemn without doubt any macho attitude, [which is] far from an advanced and developed society.

“A clearly undesirable climate has been generated, far from what should have been a great celebration of Spanish sport and women’s sport.

“I reiterate my unwavering commitment to promoting a sport that is a model of equality and respect in our society.”

Vilda has received strong backing from Rubiales after his role as manager came under threat when 15 of the Spanish national team withdrew from the squad in protest at the management.

Since the end of the World Cup, all of Vilda’s staff have resigned from their position while all 23 players who featured at the tournament in Australia and New Zealand have signed a statement refusing to play until Rubiales is sacked.

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