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05th Oct 2017

Jordan Henderson ridiculed for fresh-air kick against Slovenia



Jordan Henderson is an England international.

This means that, despite what you might think, he is almost certainly better at playing football than you will ever be. This, however, doesn’t mean the Liverpool midfielder is exempt from making the odd mistake every now and then…

Take what happened in the first half of England’s World Cup qualifier with Slovenia, for example. In a less than impressive first half showing from Gareth Southgate’s men, Henderson briefly caught sight of Jan Oblak’s goal.

Receiving the ball on the edge of the Slovenian box, Henderson allows himself a touch to set himself; another to nudge the ball away from one of the opponents who attempted to close him down. Then, well, then he did this…

Perhaps, as some have pointed out, it was contact with his opponent that caused him to miss the ball completely and land on his arse.  Whatever it was, at some point, we’ve probably all done something similar. It’s just that none of us have done it in an England shirt. Playing at Wembley. As you might have guessed, the midfielder’s fresh-air kick caused plenty of comment…