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10th Jul 2017

Irish outlet prints first photo of Romelu Lukaku in Manchester United gear but it’s not actually him

£75m for Stormzy is a bit much

Darragh Murphy

It’s 10:02 on Monday morning and, at the time of writing, Romelu Lukaku is not yet a Manchester United player.

He’s not been officially unveiled, he’s not been included in United’s preseason tour squad and he’s definitely not been pictured in United gear… Yet.

The deal will almost certainly get over the line later in the day and photos of the Belgium international in the famous red jersey of the Old Trafford outfit will flood social media.

For the time-being, we simply have to make do with images of Lukaku in the Everton shirt he’s sported for four years.

But one outlet in Ireland simply couldn’t wait for an actual photo of the 24-year-old and accidentally used a picture of grime superstar Stormzy on the back page of their Monday morning edition.

The Herald printed the below photograph of Stormzy who, to be fair, does not exactly look unlike the man who United are understood to be spending £75 million on.

“New Manchester United signing Romelu Lukaku,” the caption reads.

Stormzy will have heard, on several occasions, that he had a lookalike tearing it up at Goodison Park and, to this day, his Twitter mentions are inundated with jokes about Lukaku and Stormzy being doppelgangers.

Stormzy has even referenced their likeness in the past, tweeting the below to Lukaku in 2014.