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19th Oct 2022

Granddad buys niece first Blackburn Rovers season ticket… aged just 9 hours

Jack Peat

Any later she might say no!

A baby has become the youngest season ticket holder in the WORLD after her grandad bought her one when she was just NINE HOURS old.

Georgia Wilson was born at 12.22am on September 27 and just hours after being born – she was a season ticker holder for football club Blackburn Rovers.

Her grandad Andy Maxfield, 53, decided to buy her one as he and her mum Kathryn, 29, are Blackburn fans but her dad Sean is a Manchester United fan.

So to help her ‘grow up correctly’ he decided to purchase one for Georgia just hours after she was born, but he didn’t tell her parents until it arrived.

At the time, Andy didn’t realise that Georgia may be the youngest season ticker holder but said he would have ‘bought her one earlier if the ticket office was open earlier.’

He said: “It’s good but I do think it’s an easy record to break because if someone was born at 2pm then they can just go and break the record.

“I would have bought her one earlier if the ticket office was open earlier, but I had to wait until 9am to phone up.

“I think it will be nice for her when she grows up to think that even at nine weeks old she was achieving things.

“It will always be a nice conversation piece for her in relation to being a record breaker so young.”

Andy, who has been a Blackburn season ticket since 1974, has bought the seat next to his seat, which Kathryn used to sit in when she had a season ticket growing up.

And although now Georgia will be able to follow in her mums footsteps by sitting in the same seat, she won’t be going to watch any matches just yet.

Andy said: “I don’t know when she’ll be going to her first match.

“I might take my daughter along so she can carry her or I might take my wife so she can sit on her knee but I’m not too sure yet.”

The football club said that the dad-of-two could take Georgia in for free until she turns two, but he decided to buy her a £50 ticket so he could help support the club.

Andy said: “When I rang up to buy it, they said she could go in for free as she’s under two but then she would have to be sat on my knee and wouldn’t have her own seat.

“Because the seat next to me was my daughter’s, I wanted that particular seat so nobody else could get it so when she grows up, she has that seat.

“I would sooner pay for the seat than take her in for free because even though it’s not a lot of money, it helps funds for the football club.

“She wouldn’t actually get a season ticket then either, you would just carry her in through the turnstiles.

“I think that’s why there is nobody younger with a season ticket because most people would just carry them in without even purchasing one.”

This isn’t the first record that the family have become record breakers, as Andy himself as broken two Guinness World Records.

He has broken the record for the fastest time going from John O’Groats to Lands End on a lawnmower.

Like Georgia, he also has a Blackburn Rovers inspired record – he broke the record for the furthest distance walking around a football pitch with a lawnmower in 24 hours.

He said: “It’s is nice that not only will Georgia be following her Granddad’s footsteps in being a Rovers fan she may also be a world record holder like me as well – now I just need to get her interested in lawnmowers”

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