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10th Dec 2022

Gary Neville’s Brazil vs Croatia prediction did not age well

Lee Costello

‘Brazil will beat Croatia, all day long’

Croatia have beaten Brazil on penalties to knock the favourites out of the World Cup and with the benefit of hindsight, Gary Neville’s prediction have not aged well.

The game finished 0-0 at full time, and at the every end of the first half in extra time, Neymar performed a moment of pure magic that looked to have won it for his country.

A wonderful one-two opened up the Croatia defence and then Neymar let the return pass roll in front of him, taking the defender out it, before beating the keeper and putting it in the net.

Neville Brazil

With time running out and Croatia not looking like they will find an equaliser, it did indeed come thanks to an incredible goal from Bruno Petkovic.

Then with the game going to penalties, there was only ever going to be one winner – Croatia are officially the new Germans in football, because they just do not miss penalties.

This all means that Neville’s prediction for the match just a couple of days before have came back to bite him.

Neville Brazil

“Brazil will beat Croatia, all day long. Brazil are the best team in the tournament so far. Along with France, they’ve been unbelievable.

“I know Richarlison is playing with better players, but that little head up the other day [against South Korea], I didn’t think he had that in him! Raphinha, Antony and Lucas Paquetá have all looked impressive too.”

“I predicted Brazil vs France in the final, but you can easily see it being Argentina against Portugal. I want Brazil to win – they’re the better team, they play with more flare, I want to see the dancing again.

“If it happens, the semi-final game {Brazil v Argentina] is off the scale. That game is being watched by every football fan in the world, you’re not making any plans if that game is on.

“Picture it now: Kylian Mbappé vs Neymar. Brazil are winning this World Cup. Brazil have got the best players. I hope we’re wrong and England win!”

Well we can picture it all we want, it won’t be happening.

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