French police looking into alternative leads on Kheira Hamraoui attack 8 months ago

French police looking into alternative leads on Kheira Hamraoui attack

French police believe that the attack on Hamraoui may not have been instigated by Aminata Diallo after all

French police are looking into alternative leads in their investigation on the attack on Paris Saint-Germain women's midfielder Kheira Hamraoui, according to French outlet, L'Equipe.


The 31-year-old was attacked when she was driven home by teammate Aminata Diallo following a team meal in Paris when the pair were stopped by two masked men.

Hamraoui was reportedly dragged out of the car by the men before she was repeatedly hit in the leg with an iron bar, with the attack leading to her needing stitches in her hands and legs.

Diallo was arrested as there was belief that she had organised the attack to injure her teammate - who plays in the same position as her - however, the 26-year-old was released from custody without charge on Thursday 11 November.


The midfielder denies all allegations, insisting that she had no reason to attack her teammates, saying that their was no rivalry between the two and that the attack could have happened because of a private affair.

During the investigation into the attack, Hamraoui reportedly told police that she found Diallo's driving 'strange' on the night, however, the 26-year-old claimed she was in fact driving at a 'normal speed.'

The report also stated that several of the PSG women's players - including Diallo - received anonymous phone calls from an unknown person claiming to be the 'ex' of Hamraoui, who stated he would get revenge for 'ruining his life'.

Investigators also learnt that private details of the French midfielder's personal life were revealed, which Hamraoui claiming to have only told her teammates.


L'Equipe also stated that the police leading the investigation were looking into the possibility of a tracking device being attached to the car to allow the masked men to trace and follow Diallo's vehicle and allow them to attack.

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