FootballJOE's European Geography Quiz 2021 2 months ago

FootballJOE's European Geography Quiz 2021

Geography nerds, your time has come

If, like us, you've got a frankly ludicrous amount of largely meaningless football knowledge floating around inside your brains, you'll welcome this - another opportunity to put it to good use.


Alongside this week's edition of the FootballJOE Pub Quiz, we're testing you on geography as well as football.

Below are 15 questions on European club football which all have a geography element to them. Most are simply a case of working out where on a map a stadium can be found, but there's other stuff involved too.

Those who remember the Euro 2020 edition of this will know that even the nerdiest of football-geography nerds will struggle to get full marks.

Go on. Get to it.

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