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Euro 2020

23rd Jun 2021

FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge #2: Martin Dubravka’s calamitous own goal

Simon Lloyd

We go again

Being a goalkeeper is a tough gig. Make a mistake, it’ll almost certainly be a costly one – especially at the very top level.

Only last week, we saw what happened when David Marshall – Scotland’s hero in qualification – strayed a little too far from his penalty area.

This time around, it’s Martin Dubravka, whose attempts to palm a looping ball over his crossbar went disastrously wrong in Slovakia’s defeat to Spain.

As was the case with Marshall a week ago, images of Dubravka’s moment of misfortune were ideal for another of our Photoshop Challenges. We promise it will not always focus on goalkeepers.

For those not aware, the concept is a simple one. We give you a photo and ask you to use your imagination. The creativity and sheer childishness of the replies never ceases to amaze us.

Here are some of the best replies. We’ll be updating this but strongly advise you to have a look at the replies to the tweet, as three or four masterpieces will inevitably slip through unnoticed.

Ready? Of course you’re ready…

David Marshall

The perfect starting point. Continuing on nicely from last week, @JT13RUH imagined Dubravka coming to the rescue of a stricken Marshall. Beautiful.

Lady Gaga

Who the fuck looks at that image and thinks “I know, Martin Dubravka would look good as a pair of Lady Gaga earrings”? Well, @muecadepato, that’s who. We don’t fully understand it, but that’s not important. It’s fantastic.


Tom Glenwright was by no means alone in sending an image of Dubravka playing volleyball, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it. This one works extremely well.


Plenty drew inspiration from the silver screen. From a Sly Stallone special, to escaping the jaws of a Megalodon, the responses were as diverse as ever. Oh, and look out for the Mission Impossible sequel.


The best of the rest