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20th Jun 2018

Wilf Zaha points to absurd newspaper caption as prime example why he didn’t choose England

Wilfried Zaha clearly has no regrets

Reuben Pinder

He clearly has no regrets

Wilfried Zaha’s decision to play for the Ivory Coast was met with a lot of criticism in England, with many viewing it as the easy way out, a cop out as it was easier to get into the Ivory Coast squad. It was a decision that Zaha mulled over for a long time, waiting for a call-up to the England squad for almost four years before deciding to represent his country of birth.

The Crystal Palace winger has no regrets about his decision, as he made clear with an update on his Instagram story today that has since been deleted.

The Daily Mail published an article on Harry Kane today, hailing him as a hero that England can finally be proud of. The Mail cited the fact that he has no tattoos as one of the prime reasons that he should be admired. This sly dig at those players who do have tattoos – we all know who they mean – confirmed to Zaha that he had made the right decision not to represent England given the way the press treat their players.

Raheem Sterling was of course the subject of The Sun’s front page recently, criticised for the gun tattoo on his leg.

Zaha has since deleted the Instagram story.