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18th Mar 2018

Watch Sam Allardyce taste his own snot

One eagle-eyed viewer spotted him having a sly taste

Reuben Pinder

Right then.

We all have slightly dirty habits that we shouldn’t indulge. You might bite your nails, even pick your nose, but the line is drawn at tasting snot.

Not for Big Sam, apparently. Amid the blizzard at the bet365 stadium on Saturday, the Everton boss was spotted tasting his own snot on the touchline by one eagle-eyed viewer.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, given this is a man who reportedly ate 11 fried eggs in one sitting on an away trip. Eleven. In one sitting. This is a man who drinks Pinot Grigio on tap from a pint glass. This is a man who plays a five man defence against bottom of the table Sunderland. He doesn’t care for rules, or manners, or hygiene apparently.

That might be harsh. But this was a moment of bizarre behaviour. Everton fans won’t care though – they actually won a match away from home thanks to a Cenk Tosun double. The Toffees were helped by the dismissal of Charlie Adam, after he flew in dangerously on Wayne Rooney.

The win consolidated Everton’s place in the abyss of midtable, an section of the table ever decreasing in size. Only Everton and Leicester can really be considered ‘midtable’ now. Not bad enough to go down, not good enough to break into the top six. Just there. What an existence.