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26th Dec 2021

UEFA bans advertisements from featuring on football boots

Callum Boyle

The rule was brought in at the start of the season and has gone relatively unnoticed

A rule change brought in by UEFA prevents players from having advertisements on their football boots.

The change also forbids players from displaying any “provocative messages” on their boots and went relatively under the radar when European football’s governing body brought it in at the start of the current season.

As shown on the official UEFA website, article 41 provides two rules on what can and can’t be shown on a football boot.

Article 41.01 says: “Team identifications and manufacturer identifications are permitted on football boots. There are no restrictions as to the number, size, positioning or colouring of such identifications.”

Meanwhile, article 41.02 states what can’t be shown: `’No commercial advertising of any form other than manufacturer identifications may be incorporated on football boots, nor may any provocative messages that are of a political, ideological, religious or offensive nature.”

There has previously been no issue with players having sponsorships/advertisements on their boots. Neymar collaborated with Fortnite, wearing boots with the popular video game advertised on them in a league game. He has, however, been unable to wear them in the Champions League this season.

The rules will remain until 2024 at least and will most likely be a rule that will stay in place permanently.

It follows after UEFA’s clampdown on kits during this year’s European football with several kits forced to alter their designs ahead of games.

Dutch side Ajax and Serie A outfit Inter Milan have previously been told to make changes to their designs as they did not comply with UEFA rules.

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