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22nd May 2018

The proposed average ticket price for the 2026 World Cup is shocking

Pricing regular fans out of the game

Wayne Farry

We regret to inform you that FIFA is at it again

Those people at the world football governing body simply don’t know how to stay out of trouble, do they? When former president Sepp Blatter left the organisation, it was hoped that it would usher in a new dawn of fan-first, transparent governance which would make the shady decades previously little more than a bad memory.

That hasn’t happened though, and instead we have seen current president Gianni Infantino embark on some sort of living, breathing Stars In Your Eyes scenario in which he imitates Herr Blatter every single day.

The moneymaking ideas at the FIFA HQ in Zurich have always appeared to be never ending but, even still, it was quite shocking to hear that if FIFA has its way, the United States/Canada/Mexico bid to host the 2026 World Cup will see ticket prices average out at a ludicrous £321, almost double the proposed price of rival bid Morocco.

The report, which appeared in the Daily Mail, revealed that the cost of tickets for the joint bid have been set so high due to the fact that the bid’s differentiating factor will be its ability to increase FIFA’s World Cup revenue.

Under the current projections, the joint bid has upped its revenue projection from a pathetically paltry £1.3 billion to a mighty £1.8 billion.

If nothing else this news has made us look forward to future schemes that FIFA comes up with to keep the cash flow coming, such as perhaps charging us for thinking, talking or even dreaming about the World Cup.