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17th Feb 2022

Samuel Eto’o declared father of 22-year-old woman in Madrid

Callum Boyle

He has refused to acknowledge his relation to the woman ever since her mother fell pregnant

Samuel Eto’o was declared as the biological father of a 22-year-old woman in Madrid on Thursday – despite previously making no acknowledgement of her existence.

The retired footballer was not at the legal proceedings in Madrid where Court number 83 concluded a legal process that was first started by the woman’s mother in 2018.

As per The MirrorAdileusa Do Rosario Nieves, the woman’s mother, is said to have first encountered Eto’o in a nightclub in Madrid while he was on loan at Leganes from Real Madrid.

As per a report from Spanish press agency EFEthe lawsuit stated that the mother discovered she had fell pregnant in February 1998.

The lawsuit was also told that Eto’o told Adileusa “that he would act responsibly with respect to the common child, although he preferred that she did not give birth to the child.”

Eto’o was then accused of breaking off communication with the woman who “tried to communicate with the future father (Eto’o), but he did not answer her phone calls or reply to her emails.”

The mother then gave birth to her daughter Erika in 1999 – by which point the Cameroonian was playing for Espanyol.

A lawsuit first began in 2018 when the mother had biological evidence to support her testimony and prove that the former Barcelona and Chelsea striker was the father of her daughter.

Eto’o has now been ordered to pay an allowance to the young woman, totalling €1,400 per month, which is dated back to when a lawsuit was first filed.

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