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Euro 2020

17th Jun 2021

Royal Mail bans posties from flying England flag during the Euros

Kieran Galpin

Patriotism first, safety later

Royal Mail has announced that its posties will not be allowed to adorn their vehicles in England flags during the 2020 Euros.

Though England iconography is banned from their 45,000 vans and lorries, posties are also forbidden to put stickers and miniature flags on their walking trollies.

A Royal Mail spokesperson has said that this is due to health and safety:

“Road safety for our drivers and other road users is our top priority. Royal Mail oversees a policy which prohibits temporary fixtures being attached to vehicles as they can obscure the driver’s view. Such items can also pose a potential hazard to other road users if they are lost when the vehicle is moving.”

Does this seem like a pretty valid reason? After all, if a horrific car accident ensued due to a flag, then both Royal Mail and the Euros itself could be linked to the tragedy.

Fans of the flag however are not happy.

The list goes on and on. Many people, however (Like myself) are frankly confused as to why people are completely losing their sh*t.

I wasn’t aware that people could form such a strong connection to pieces of fabric attached to cheap plastic tubes. There are other ways to be patriotic other than hanging flags over everything. Besides, who says the Royal Mail staff actually like football, or if they are even watching the Euros?  What’s next, are we going to insist that BP hang flags on their Petrol pumps?

Patriotism is great, and its amazing people are proud to be British. However, spend that energy somewhere else. Perhaps try not booing when the national team everyone claims to support so fiercely decide to kneel.