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29th Mar 2022

Roman Abramovich ‘went blind for hours’ after ‘eating poisoned chocolate’

Callum Boyle

Abramovich is reportedly ‘fine’ after being poisoned earlier this month

Roman Abramovich “went blind for hours” and also had skin peel off from his hands and face after he allegedly ‘ate poisoned chocolate.’

The outgoing Chelsea owner is rumoured to be ‘fine’ after claims that he, and two other Ukrainian peace negotiators, were poisoned during Ukraine-Russia peace talks earlier this month.

What happened to Abramovich?

Reports emerged on Monday claiming that Abramovich and the two Ukrainian negotiators were suffering from eye pain as a suspected symptom of poisoning as parties attempted to come to an agreement on a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine following Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch an invasion in February.

During the meeting, it is believed that the only food and drink consumed by the outgoing Chelsea owner and the fellow negotiators were chocolate and water. Three of the four members suffered from symptoms of suspected poisoning, whereas a fourth member did not fall ill – despite eating and drinking the same as the rest of the group.

All parties then travelled to Lviv in the west of Ukraine before crossing the border into Poland to continue peace talks, while still experiencing symptoms.

Abramovich is said to have then travelled to Istanbul in Turkey where he complained of losing his vision and skin peeling from his hands before eventually being treated in hospital. All three who suspected they were poisoned were said to have recovered by the end of the week.

Roman Abramovich blind

Ex-chemical weapons colonel believes Abramovich could have been attacked by mistake

A spokesperson for the Russian oligarch later confirmed that Abramovich had suffered from poisoning. Meanwhile an ex-chemical weapons colonel, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, believed that the attack had the “hallmarks of the Russian secret service” – but confessed that Abramovich could have been attacked by mistake.

“We understand the negotiators were poisoned with organophosphates which is the base chemical in nerve agents,” he said.

“It does seem very strange their own negotiator Abramovich was affected. Either they don’t care about civilian casualties or it has been a poor operation.

“We saw from the Salisbury operation that the Russians are not as sharp and professional as you might expect.”

Abramovich sanctions

Roman Abramovich blind

Abramovich currently remains in the process of trying to sell Chelsea after he was hit with sanctions imposed by the UK government and as a result, had all of his assets frozen.

The oligarch was targeted with the sanctions due to concern over his close ties to Vladimir Putin.

A shortlist has been devised and a preferred buyer is set to be announced within the coming weeks.

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