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19th Mar 2024

Reporter from ‘disgraceful’ Klopp interview speaks out after clip goes viral

Callum Boyle

Jurgen Klopp interview

Klopp labelled one of his questions ‘dumb’ before walking out

The Norwegian TV reporter who felt the wrath of an angry Jurgen Klopp has spoken out after footage of the interview went viral.

Klopp caused controversy after the game in which he stormed out of an interview with Norwegian TV after seeminglybecoming irritated by questions about his team’s performance.

Overall, Klopp was gracious in admitting defeat and congratulated United but when asked if his team found it difficult to find the same level of intensity we’re accustomed to seeing with his Liverpool side, he lost his cool.

“That’s a bit of a dumb question, I have to say, if you see us often. If you never see us then you can ask ‘how can they have more resources?’” he replied.

“We played I don’t know how many games recently, I don’t know how many games United exactly have played. That’s sport. I’m really disappointed by that question, but you thought the opposite so that’s good.”

He then cut off the interviewer, who tried to move on the conversation, saying: “Oh, you don’t think that? Ah, come on, you’re obviously not in good shape and I have no words for you,” before walking off.

Presenter give his take on fiery Klopp interview

His comments started a widespread debate on social media, with many calling out the Reds boss for his behaviour but the man at the centre of it all, Niels Christian Frederiksen, felt that the German was “out of order”.

“I should get angry because the things he said were not pleasant,” he told The Athletic.

“He was totally out of order, because the questions weren’t that controversial.

“At first, it was OK because he said it was a dumb question. Three months ago, I heard the same (sort of thing) from Pep Guardiola, but that was in a funny way. I thought Klopp was going along the same lines, so I took that one.

“But then he started working himself up and there was a whole atmosphere and the interview started going to different places.”

Klopp is yet to address the comments since they went viral.

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